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Our distillery operates since 1658, and we are the oldest independent distillery in the Netherlands, located in Schiedam. Franciscus de Le Boë Sylvius wasn't the first person to distill juniper berries, however; he was the first one to register this distillate and coin it "Genevre". This happened in 1650. A mere 8 years later we started our company in the same town; Leiden. And that's where the Docter and our distillery meet....


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Distillers since 1658


Onder de Boompjes Distillery

The history of Onder de Boompjes Distillery starts in 1658 where the Steffelaer family started selling and making various genevers. During the course of ages the distillery did not pass on from father to son, but had a rather entrepreneurous history. In total 4 families were owner leading up to today's family Batenburg. The distillery today is situated on the river Schie in Schiedam, right next to Royal Dutch Distillers and Nolet Distillery. 



"Our gins and genevers will always be made from natural ingredients and not from essences, flavourings or artificial coloring."


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Currently we make 4 genevers 3 gins and a vodka by the gifted and experienced hands of John de Lange. With over 30 years of experience making genevers, gins, vodka's and liqueurs. The complete production of our distillates, moutwijn, esprit and whatnot is done in-house and so is our bottling. We are proud that every single drop has passed our own hands from grain to bottle. And you are more than welcome to visit our distillery yourself and see every little detail of our manufacturing.

Botanic Experiments

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Sylvius Dutch Dry Gin has 10 ingredients, all natural and the real deal. Our citrus fruits are freshly cut and the spices our ground when needed. Every single ingredient has had the utmost care and attention before getting drowned in our ultra wheat spirit!

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